Chance to publicly ask your MP for the evidence behind policy decisions

Dear Royal boat owners association

Evidence Week in Parliament is a great opportunity for people to ask politicians for the evidence behind policies and research on important issue. You can of course contact your MP at any time, but during evidence week you can do it livestreamed and get an immediate answer from government advisers, Parliamentary committees and leading experts.

Sense about Science champions the public interest in sound science and ensure evidence is recognised in public life and policy making. We’d love you, and your members and supporters to use Evidence Week 2022 to raise the issues that matter to you.

You can ask about anything – we’ve had questions on energy, housing, crime, transport and healthcare policymaking, as well as parliamentary process and even allotment planning. The only restriction is that you should ask your MP to look at the evidence, not just tell them what you think they should do.

It’s quick and easy to email your MP using our online form, and we’ll follow up your message to ensure you get an answer. By asking the right questions, we can get our representatives increase the quality of evidence used in policymaking and help Parliament makes better decisions.

We’ll feature as many questions as possible in our launch event, so submit your question now for the chance to ask your question during the livestreamed opening public panel discussion at 5pm on Monday 14 November, or get an answer by asking your MP to meet you for a policy briefing from world-leading researchers in Westminster on Tuesday 15 or Wednesday 16 November.

We want as many people as possible to get the answers they deserve, so please spread the word by forwarding this message or posting about this on Twitter. We’d like to help promote coverage of any responses from your members, so let us know if you would like screenshots or have any other ideas around this.

If you have any questions about Evidence Week or our work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected].

Best wishes

Annie Howitt

Communities Officer

Sense about Science