CRT Council elections

Season’s Greetings!

All licence holders should have received an email from Civica Election Services <[email protected]> on Wednesday 13th December at 15:00, with the subject heading Canal & River Trust – Council Elections 2024


If you don’t, CRT will just interpret that as you not being interested in what they do, how they do it – and how much it costs you.

As one of 50 members of CRT Council and only 4 meetings a year, I think the position is more likely to be an opportunity for influence than actual power. I am informed that Council members do get some useful opportunities, have voiced ideas and proposals that were listened to and made some useful changes. If successful, I’ll let you know!

I’m the only one of the 23 private boaters standing for election who provided contact details in my candidate’s statement. If successful, I will do my best to listen to all boaters and represent you with integrity.

National Association of Boat Owners (NABO) suggestion on voting:-

“The election has a complicated transferable vote system. Our best advice is that after selecting about 5 people there’s usually not much point in ranking any more. There’s also an argument that you should only vote for the people you really want, to avoid adding votes to those who might beat them.”

Questions and comments? Want my full CV? Do get in touch, it’d be great to hear from you. Thank you for your attention – enjoy your festivals and celebrations, all the best for 2024.

Penny (Penelope) Barber, Golden Eagle, Hockley Port Moorings, BCN

[email protected]

07976 591727

(call, WhatsApp or text)

Other candidates are available – please vote, please use your voice

Narrowboat owner since 1989, liveaboard full time until acquiring spouse and half a house, now half time on boat. Much navigating of BCN & anywhere within four weeks’ travel. Favourite waterway – Caldon, favourite lock flight – Bosley. So far! K&A & Huddersfield on “to-do” list.

On NABO founding council, served on RBOA committee, administered Parliamentary Waterways Group 2001-2005. Stepped away from boat politics to focus on career, which continued to include representation, advocacy, lobbying and negotiation.

Trained as accountant and auditor, moving to general management. Solid knowledge of an exceptional range of sectors and activities, including charities’ governance. Many years volunteering at all levels, including 2 terms of office as a University Member of Council.

Able and confident in communicating with a wide variety of people and perspectives, identifying the crux of an idea or issue to explore.

I am passionate about retaining and maintaining our industrial and social heritage as living and lively navigations, ensuring boating is an affordable aspiration and people and assets are deployed effectively.

I am now retired and ready to serve you in debating points of principle, suggesting issues of concern and being a Trustees’ sounding board.

[email protected] for full CV and questions.

CV Penny Barber Dec 2023