Environment Agency – Water for life and livelihoods

Following the public consultation earlier this year on ‘Water for life and livelihoods: draft update to the river basin management plan’, the Environment Agency has now produced a summary response document, which can be downloaded here: https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/portal/ho/wfd/draft_plans/consult.

We really value all the comments and feedback you have provided and I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved.

The consultation on the update to the draft river basin management plans was the third and final stage of public consultation, in the second cycle of river basin planning. The Environment Agency received 486 responses from a range of groups and organisations, such as water and energy companies, charities, non-governmental organisations, wildlife groups, industrial organisations, local government and individuals.

The views and opinions expressed were wide ranging and are being used to help shape the updated river basin management plans and make decisions on how the water environment is managed, protected and improved.

The consultation response document provides:

  • An overview of the feedback received for each consultation question, at a national level and for each river basin district
  • Information on the number of responses submitted and the types of organisations that responded
  • A summary of the consultation and engagement process
  • Information on the next steps in river basin management planning

In the autumn, the Environment Agency will produce a further document, describing how the main points raised in the consultation have influenced the updated river basin management plans and will continue to influence work over the next 6 years and beyond.

By continuing to work together, the health of the water environment across the country will be protected and improved faster, and in the places that matter most to people and communities. I look forward to continuing to explore what we can achieve together in the future.

Anne Dacey

Deputy Director Water Framework Directive