Thoughts from an Established Residential Boater

Having lived on the waters of this great land for quite a number of years I feel life is now changing .

I am afraid the days of quietly cruising along the waterways mooring along other like minded people who will help you moor or have no objections of you mooring alongside, discussing the day, Boats, and the surrounding beauty . The days of helping other courteous behaviour to other boats

All those things that made living on a boat such an idyllic life

In the past 8 years these changes have erupted  in my humble opinion due to economic pressure and TV portraying a very slow,restful and Romantic Lifestyle, a life style we know as something that is only available to those willing to accept and work for it.

Having studied the changes over the past few years I have separated boaters into two contrasting groups they are Boaters and Floaters. Even though these two groups believe in the same principles and aims of boating they do seem to execute them in different ways.