The Canal & River Trust has published its Boater Report 2023.  It summarises the work undertaken to keep the canal network open and available for navigation and sets out how the Trust generates the income needed to support boating and the wider use of the waterways.

 The Report, covering the period from April 2022 to March 2023, illustrates how navigation is the core of the Trust’s day-to-day spending and objectives. Hosted on the Canal & River Trust website, a link to the Report will be included with new boat licences and boat licence renewals.

 In a challenging year which illustrated the vulnerability of the ageing canal network and its exposure to extreme and more frequent weather events brought about by climate change, the Report celebrates examples of the work carried out to keep the waterways safe and open for navigation.

 The Trust’s income is detailed, including the 20% of income that comes from boating.  It also provides details of the campaign to Keep Canals Alive in response to proposed cuts in funding by government post 2027 when the Trust’s existing grant agreement ends.

 Richard Parry, chief executive at the Canal & River Trust, comments: “Boats cruising the waterways are central to our work and keeping the canals safe and open for navigation is of utmost importance. A navigable and safe canal system protects the waterways’ heritage, supports biodiversity and underpins the benefits that the network brings to millions of people both on and off the water.

 “Despite the challenges facing the canal network, with the support of boaters and partners, we are committed to doing all we can to safeguard the waterways’ future and urge all boaters to join our Keep Canals Alive campaign and make their voices heard. We hope recipients find the Report useful in giving them an overview of the work we do and how the money is spent and welcome any feedback on what readers might like to see covered in future years.”

The Boater Report can be viewed here: Boater Report 2023 | Canal & River Trust (