From the Tiller

by Charles Foster

It is my honour to be the chairman of the RBOA at this special time. We are in very difficult times and are having to be very careful with funds to allow the organisation to hopefully continue for another 60 years.

In my time as Chair we have had to deal with all sorts of problems from Covid to Energy Payment issues which are ongoing as I write. We have had to make a number of cuts in the likes of the bi-monthly issues of a printed Soundings becoming a new online emailed version. The fact that your Officers are not getting any younger is cause for concern. We really do need younger members to join the Committee, to assist in keeping the Association functioning. I would like to thank at this point all current and past officers, who have assisted me in being able to keep the Association ‘Open for Business’ through these troubled times.

We are working our way through a number of plans for the future, and how best the RBOA can represent the Liveaboard Boaters needs into the future. These will be published in due course. But rest assured that your problems, and ideas are being looked at and presented to relevant navigation authorities, local and central government, with whom we are slowly getting better rapport.

I must thank Beryl, our long-suffering editor, and the staff at Anchor Print in the production of this magnificent magazine in honour of our 60 years of operation. I hope you will find its contents as interesting as I have. This is the first of many annual editions to members and the transfer of up-to-date information on the website, which is updated on an almost daily basis, so that you can get the latest news from one source and not have to wait for a publication date. All that is left for me, is to say to all of you visiting Crick, please visit our stand and enjoy this bumper issue.

Good boating.
All the best and keep safe.

Charles Foster
Chairman RBOA